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1L-5L Engine Oil Filling Machine Linea de embalaje de la maquina de llenado de aceite de motor Lubricant Oils Packing Line

Suitable For Oils Filling with High Accuracy 0.2%. 
Have Different System Can Be Choosen: 
       Flow Meter / Net Weight / Piston 
Suitable for fill : Lubricant Oil / Car Oil / Motor Oil / coolant liquid / engine oil / Lubricanting Oil kinds Products 
Filling Range : 500ml -5000ml 
Speed can be choosen : from 1000BPH-6000BPH (basic on 1L )

Packing line

Machine Name : 1L-5L Engine Oil Filling Machine Linea de embalaje de la maquina de llenado de aceite de motor Lubricant Oils Packing Line

Ideal For Oils Packing :

1: Suitable For Liquid : Oils Kinds

2: Filling System : Piston / Flow Meter (Can be Choosen According)

3: Bottle Type : Plastic Jerry Tin Can

4: Bottle Shape : Round & Flat

5: Bottle Size :  0.5L -5L 


6: Accuracy : 0.2% (piston type)

                     0.5% (Flow Meter Type)

7: Capacity Speed :

                              1L : 1000 - 5000BPH Can be choosen

                              5L : 800-2500BPH can be choosen

8: No Change Parts Require when change bottle sizes

9: Packing Line Included :

Machines included (can be choosen):  Bottle unscramble --Filling Machine--Capping Machine -- Induction sealing machine -- Aluminum Foil detector and rejector --Labeling Machine --Date Printer -- Carton Packaging Machine -- Palletilizer 

Capacity Speed For Choosing : 

Lubricant Oil

Suitable for :

Lubricating oil (antifreeze, lubricating oil, brake oil, Car Motor Oil etc.)

Suitable for Fill :

lube oil 5LLube oil 1L

Layout Drawing : 


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Automatic packaging of daily chemical, food, chemical, pesticide, oil and other liquids.
Automatic bottle management, filling, capping, labeling, QR code, unpacking, packing, sealing and stacking, equipped with integrated environmental protection cover.

Comply with the three intelligent standards of safety, environmental protection, automatic coordination of production process, stability and efficiency.

Main configuration:

Intelligent bottle sorting machine, intelligent filling and capping machine, on-line weight inspection and removal device,
aluminum foil sealing machine, code spraying machine, two-dimensional code tracing system, high-speed unpacking machine, partition

machine, intelligent packing machine, on-line weight inspection and removal machine, intelligent stacking machine and robot stacker.

1L-5L Lubricant Filling and Packaging Line, designed to cater to the diverse packaging needs of various industries. This cutting-edge machine is capable of automatically packaging daily chemical, food, chemical, pesticide, oil, and other liquids with utmost precision and efficiency.

Our Lubricant Filling and Packaging Line boasts a host of advanced features that make it the perfect choice for your packaging needs. With its high-speed filling technology, it can fill up to 100 bottles per minute, ensuring speedy and uninterrupted production. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and monitoring, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced operators.

Moreover, our Lubricant Filling and Packaging Line is designed to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety. Its fully enclosed structure prevents any contamination or spillage, while its automatic cleaning system ensures that the machine is always clean and ready for use.

Whether you're in the food, chemical, or oil industry, our Lubricant Filling and Packaging Line is the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Invest in our machine today and experience unparalleled efficiency, speed, and reliability in your packaging operations.

Main features:

1. This line is applicable to the packaging of pesticides, lubricants, food, edible oil, sauces, condiments, wine, coatings, daily chemical detergent, hair conditioner, shower gel, disinfectant, detergent and other products.
2. The whole line can be operated by 2-3 people to reduce labor intensity and labor cost.
3. The filling speed of the whole line is 1000-8000 Bottles/hour, which can be customized according to demand.
4. The average filling accuracy is ± 0.5%, which is accurate and reduces unnecessary waste.
5. The whole line is made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and high appearance value.

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