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Complete Packaging Line

01.Bottle Unscrambler 

The bottle unscrambler is suitable for sorting and feeding of various plastic buckets, and has stable performance. It can be used together with the automatic packaging line to save labor and increase production efficiency. Put the whole barrel flat on the platform, and push the rod automatically to push the belt into the barrel. Orderly, do not hurt the barrel. It is composed of PLC control electric part, photoelectric sensor and frequency conversion governor. It has high integration level, strong control ability, reliable operation and can be controlled in conjunction with filling equipment.

02.Filling Machine 

This machine is a flow meter filling machine with high filling accuracy. It applies to 1-5L liquid for filling. It uses filling bulkhead of preventing leaking and wire drawing, filling up and down system of preventing high foam products, assuring the lip orientation and auto-matic control system. The tank controls material level automaticallyfeeding the material is also automatic. The tank adopts the pressurized design that will improve the speed of the blanking. Combine with the mechanotronics protecting device, if the machine has any abnormal information it will stop and alarm auto-matically. The touch screen will appear the detail parts which is abnormal. It is produced with the GMP standards, safety, environmental hygienism, beautiful and adapt to different kinds of work place.

03.Capping Machine

This capping machine adopts tracking apparatus and private servo displacement system, including cap sorting, hanging and capping in one unit. The capping head and the bottle run synchronously, capping heads adopts servo controlled torsion capping, harmless to bottles and caps. Whole machine has advanced structure, smooth operation, low noise, wide application range and high production speed. PLC memory formula, one key call parameter, external frame security protection. Automatic lubrication function, long life time. 

04.Sealing machine

Equipment type: automatic online high-speed sealing machine.
Control system: transistor modular digital integrated circuit control ground.
Cooling system: dual fans, dual radiators, water cooling system, forced circulation
Sealing effect: one percent. Even a small amount of liquid bottle leaves marks without affecting the sealing effect.

05.Labeling Machine

This labeling machine is widely used in food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, metal, plastic, printing and other industries; such as flat shampoo bottles, flat medicine bottles and so on. It adopts standard PLC, touch screen, standard sensor electronic control system, human-computer interface in Chinese and English notes and improve the function of fault tips, operational guidance functions, troubleshooting instructions; easy to use and easy maintenanceno product non-labeling, non-sticker auto-correction and automatic detection function. It can be also matched with batch coder or printer coder function.

06.Date Printer

07.Case Package Machine

The carton packaging machine is a new type of automated packaging equipment, reached and designed on the basis of foreign advanced technology. The machine has distinctive features compared with the similar packaging way. The vast majority of regular bottled, boxed, block and other products, widely usecorrugated carton packaging in the present domestic production, has been accepted by the public. It can finish at one time, reduce the cost of equipment and the space of equipment and raw materials and all levels of transportation contradiction. The appeara - nce of the packaging is beautiful and smooth; lt is tight and firm after wrapping. Application of unpacking-packing-sealing integrated machine, reduce labor intensity, labor resources and production process, will upgrade the traditional packaging way and the inevitable trend of development.


Major characteristics:

The robot palletizer can be used in many production line, providing intelligent, mechanization for production site. It is a palletising logistic system which can be used in the industries of beer, water, soft drink, milk, beverage and foodstuff etc. It is widely used for carton, plastic crate, bottle, bag, barrel, shrink wrapped product and can etc. 

Main Features: :

Touch-screen operation achieves man-machine communication, displaying the production speed, failure reason and position.

The product palletizing patterns, pallet supply and discharging can all be programmed by PLC.Palletizing pattern is easy to adjust on the touchscreen.Carton supply system adopts brake motor control to ensure carton conveying according to pre-set position. Pallet magazine has a high capacity of 12-15 empty pallet ensuring automatically pallet supply.

Different palletizing patterns can be finished without replacing the palletizing components.


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