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Filling Machine Solution for Food Stuff Packing Line

ZT-PACK Focus on Food Products Packing solution with years experiences
For : Ketchup, tomato paste , Garlic Sauce , Salad Dressing, Honey, Butter , Chocolate Jam, Fruit Jam sauce , Chilli sauce, BBQ sauce, puenut butter ,etc.);
Vinegar / Soy Sauce Flavor Water / Alcohol / Cooking Wine / Apple Cider Vinegar ...Etc kinds Products
Automatic packaging of food liquids.

1: According to bottle sizes filling range different , machines will be different for choosing
2. The whole line can be operated by 2-3 people to reduce labor intensity and labor cost. More Machines Less Labors.
3. The filling speed of the whole line is 1000-8000 Bottles/hour, which can be customized according to demand.
4. The average filling accuracy is ± 0.2%, which is accurate and reduces unnecessary waste.
5. Make Cleaning Products Industry Factories Clean & Modern Production .

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