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50L-300L -- Lubricant Oil Filling Machine Packing Line

Suitable For Oils Filling with High Accuracy 0.2%. 
Have Different System Can Be Choosen: Flow Meter / Net Weight /
Suitable for fill : Lubricant Oil / Car Oil / Motor Oil / coolant liquid / engine oil / Lubricanting Oil kinds Products 
Filling Range : 208L / 220L 


Machine Name :  50L-300L -- Lubricant Oil Filling Machine Packing Line

Suitable for : Lubricating oil (antifreeze, lubricating oil, brake oil, grease, etc.)

Suitable range: 50L-300L              

Filling System : Net Weight With Load Cell

Production capacity: 120 barrels/hour              


Container into the mouth diameter : ≥ 50mm(can be customized according to the barrel mouth)

Vessel diameter :Φ500mm - Φ700mm (special bucket can be customized)

Machines included (can be choosen):  

Filling, capping, and palletizing are automatically completed, and it is equipped with an integrated environmental protection cover. It conforms to the standards of safety, environmental protection and intelligence, and the production process is automatically coordinated, stable and efficient.

Suitable for Fill :


Key Features :

 Heavy-duty stainless steel constructed

 Stainless steel Reservoir

 Automatic Bottling Index kit with bottle counter

 Pneumatic indexing gates (count in, count out)

 Automatic product level sensing float system

 Easily adjustable nozzle height settings accommodate vials to gallons

 User friendly PLC controls with touch screen HMI

 No bottle/No fill sensor

 Bottle backup sensor (downstream) delays operation until jam is cleared

 Able to output multiple doses per container for large containers

 Easy clean stainless steel quick connect fittings

 Drip Tray

 Diving heads nozzles for bottom up filling to reduce foam

 Neck grabbers for containers with small opening

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How to choose automatic piston filling machine is big challenge for customers, If your are unsure how to choose a piston filling machine,Please let me know

 What product to fill

 What output capacity to achieve

 What material and shape of containers

 What size of containers to fill

Our professional team will help you to choose

So please contact us for specific advice on the best solution for you now.



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