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Case Packer -- Free Down Type

Free Down System , Case Packer for plastic bottles , with different shapes sizes can be share.

Carton Packing Machine

Machine Name : Case Packer -- Free Down Type

Major characteristics:

This machine is an intelligent automatic carton packing machine , adopt the high speed orienting device to pack different kind of bottles including oblate , round , irregular plastic bottle and different size of glass bottle , square cans and paper cans etc . Also it is applicable for packing with cardboard sheet .

The bottle gribber (designed according to different bottle )take the bottles to the forme cartons ,then the gribber release . The loaded carton is sent to the carton sealing machine .

This machine adopts PLC touch screen control . With the safety device of alarming and stopping for bottle lacking . Greatly reduce the labour and labour force , is the indispensable machine of automation producing line , according to different packaging requirement , can orient the products automatically .

Wide application ,suitable for many kinds of products

Especially for combination with the packaging line , easy moving .

Bottles , boxes , bags and barrel series .


1. Reliable work: The machine enters the box in a single channel, and the bottle is filled and discharged by the grab head to realize the grab and release of the bottle. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, the bottle can be accurately and reliably lifted out of the box.

2. Smooth operation: the boxing movement is driven by a geared motor. Through the unique chain mechanism, the bottle lifting and falling movement is accurate and stable.

High production efficiency: In the working process of this machine, the start and end steps are slow and stable, and the midway movement is faster, which shortens non-working time and improves production efficiency.

3. Easy to operate: The machine runs fully automatically, can automatically adjust the operating speed, and run synchronously with the entire production line.

4. Reasonable structure: This machine is composed of reasonable mechanical structure, reliable pneumatic device and advanced electric control technology, with advanced technology and simple structure.

5. Safe and reliable: In addition to the protective cover and net, this machine is also equipped with a photoelectric safety protection device. When the operator is in danger, it will automatically stop immediately.

6. Meet the sanitary requirements: The machine has low noise and uses oil-free pneumatic components to avoid oil pollution.

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