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Automatic cartoning sealing machine


Major characteristics: :

This carton sealing machine features on the basis of the latest development from home and abroad all kinds of carton sealing machine . Wide scope of application . Small area , can be used separately . Also can link without anybody packing line . Front side carton , side carton and back side carton are folded full automatic , fast speed ,smooth , can be widely used in appliance , textile , foodstuff , general merchandise , medicament ,chemical industry and so on .

Main performance parameter:

1、Power supply: :220V/380V 50/60HZ 0.6KW

2、Carton size:L200-600*W150-500*H150-500mm

3、 Speed:15-20carton /min (according to the carton size )

4、Adhesive tape width:48mm/60mm/72mm

5、Air source:6-7KG

6、 Dimension:1770* 850* 1520mm



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