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Powder High Speed Full Automatic Tracking Type Powder Filling Machine

ZT-PACK Auger Powder Filling Machine is Linear type powder filling machine which is suitable for filling high accuracy and variable density powder product such as milk powder, protein powder, flour, fine sugar, seasoning flavor, salt powder etc into containers like bottle, jar, can.
  • DKD-100

DKD-100 powder

Machine Name :  Full Automatic High Speed Powder Filling Machine

Type: DKD-100

Product description:

1. This machine is suitable for packing small particulates, petty powder, and super-mini-powder.

2. This type of packing machine is automatically controlled by PLC.
3. It has servo motor and touch screen which makes it easy to operate.
4. Conforming to GMP standard.

Major characteristics:

This packaging machine is automatically controlled by PLC. It runs smoothly. Touch screen, easy to operate, adjustable speed. This model is suitable for packaging of small particles, fine powder, and ultra-low power.

The parts in contact with the filling materials are all made of stainless steel that meets GMP standards.



Key Features :

Quick changeover with different replacement parts for multiple bottle sizes.

With bottle sensor, no bottle no filling.

The bottle fixing turntable is vibrated to ensure that the powder fills the bottle completely.

Stainless steel body structure, horizontal open powder hopper, easy to clean.

The servo system drives the screw device with high precision and stability.

It adopts PLC control system and touch screen, with stable performance and convenient operation.

Powder distribution elevator is optional.

Specifications are subject to change without notice, all rights reserved.

Details  :


How to choose automatic piston filling machine is big challenge for customers, If your are unsure how to choose a piston filling machine,Please let me know

 What product to fill

 What output capacity to achieve

 What material and shape of containers

 What size of containers to fill

Our professional team will help you to choose

So please contact us for specific advice on the best solution for you now.

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After-Sales Support

With the expansion of the global market, ZT-PACK will, relying on six domestic and overseas service centers, provide technical support and after-sales services to customers all over the world to protect the development of customers’ business.


Since our beginnings, we've designed our packaging and bottling equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Our filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and carton sealing machines can fill bottles and pouches of varying specifications with high and low viscous liquid and powdered or granular material. We've passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and CE certification, and we're one of the top ten bottle filling machine suppliers in China. Many of our products have received invention and utility model patents.


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