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DXD-110B Horizontal Bag Packing Machine (Powder,Liquid)



Machine Name:DXD-110B Horizontal Bag Packing Machine (Powder,Liquid)

The machine using the international advanced technology and can be used for the trilateral and four edge-sealing aluminium film bag packaged products. Machine using the adopts microcomputer PLC programmable control, photoelectric sensor, using the servomotor.filling way is flexible, and micro particles of powder, water and dope different dosage forms, such as product to choose different way of filling. This machine packing speed, wide measuring

main technical parameter

1.production speed 30-50(bag/min)
2.filling volume 50g
3.measurement precision ±1.5%
4.maximum bag size 110(W)×130(H)mm
5.minimum bag size 50(W)×50(H)mm
6.maximumfilm-roll diameter 500mm
7.roll's interior diameter 70-80mm
8.total power 3kw
9.voltage AC380V,50/60Hz
10.net weight 750kg
11.dimension 2150(L)×750(W)×2200(H)mm

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