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Full Automatic Trigger Pump Capping Machine --Robot Type

Trigger pump spray capping machine , Linear robot type for speed 4000BPH can use by different capping heads


Machine Name : Full Automatic Trigger Pump Capping Machine --Robot Type

1. This equipment has the characteristics of compact and beautiful design, simple and easy to understand operation,     and high versatility.Specification

2. The machine adopts full servo control, including the height of the capping head, the translation speed of the capping claw, and the capping torque control.

3. This machine adopts multi-axis motion controller control to better achieve a more stable and best production state.

4. After changing the bottle type for the first time, adjust the height, speed, and torque of the cap, you can save it. When you want to use it next time, you can directly call it to automatically generate the stored capping head. Height, speed, torque, etc.

5. According to different production conditions and product characteristics, you can choose to add a cap sorting machine for use to improve unit production efficiency.

6. It can store multiple sets of parameters, which can be directly recalled, which is convenient and quick and improves production efficiency.

7. Applicable to: food, medicine, daily chemical, pesticide and other industries.

8. According to different packaging materials, different screw cap jaws can be selected.

9.According to different production requirements, you can choose to cover manually or automatically by robot, lifting automatic cover or vibrating disc automatic cover, etc.

Details Of Machine : 


Layout Drawing : 


Capper sorter : 




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