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Tracking Capper For Plastic Caps Closure Sealing Machine-- Bottle Neck Take Cap System

it is for plastic caps without change parts can adjust for different shapes of bottles caps sizes closure capping machine
  • FGX-1A/2A



Machine Name :Plastic Cap Linear Tracking Type Capping Closure Machine

Type : FGX-1A/2A

Product description:

FXG-A full-automatic following lid-pressing machine is made up of lid unscrambler and lid conveyer, grasp and lid-pressing system, movement module,conveying mechanism and control system. The whole structure is succinct  and  convenient to adjust. It is suitable for the automatic lid-pressing for 1-5L bottle. This is a most recently develop machine of our company. The lid-pressing will be finished during the process  of products movement.Differs from the nomal machine which need to pause when lid-pressing so that the materials will not shake out from the mouth of the bottleand pollute the bottle’s  body.

Main features of Equipment:

  1. This equipment has the characteristics of compact and beautiful design, simple and easy-to-understand operation, and high versatility.

  1. The machine adopts full servo control, including the height of the capping head, the translation speed of the capping claw, and the capping torque control.

  1. This machine adopts multi-axis motion controller control to better achieve a more stable and best production state.

  1. After changing the bottle type for the first time, adjusting the height and speed of the screw cap, as well as the torque of the screw cap, you can save the data. When you want to use it next time, you can directly call it to automatically generate the stored screw. Hijab height, speed, torque, etc., convenient and fast.

  1. According to different production conditions and product characteristics, you can choose to add a cap sorting machine to cooperate to provide unit production efficiency.

  1. It can store multiple sets of parameters, which can be called directly, which is convenient and quick, and improves production efficiency.

  1. Applicable to: food, medicine, daily chemical, pesticide and other industries.

  1. According to different packaging materials, you can choose to use different capping jaws.

  1. According to different production requirements, you can choose to manually cover, lift type automatic cover or vibrating disc type automatic cover, etc.


Details For Machine : 


Servo-controlled four-wheel capping machine and claw capping machine can be selected according to needs, which can be used for more than 90% of the caps.


Suitable For Capping : 




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