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Full Automatic High Speed Rotary Labeling Machine

This Rotary labeling machine is more suitable for high capacity packing line, applicable in round bottles. Running stable, high speed.

Machine Name : Full Automatic Rotary High Speed Labeling Machine



1. This machine can make different kinds of label on the bottles automaticly. It is widely suitable for different material of container and label. It can meet the requirements of those users who have diverse kinds of the containers. It is the most economical models in cost to make mass production and intergrated operating.

2. The equipment has massively used advanced design concept to make it easy and simple for users to change the bottles. Whether from the replacement of star wheel, guide plate or manual speed adjustment to automatic speed control.

3. The container is located by the plate of up pressure and down holding, the container can be accurately positioned in various locations.

4. It is simple and quick to change configuration component different containers and labels.
5. The label station is one for usage one for storage.

6. The equipment operation panel of is adopted the LCD touching screen man-machine conversaton. The operation can know the equipments' all kinds of operation parameter at any time, such as speed, production capacity and the temperature of gluewater .

7. It is adopted automatic helicoid conveying bottle device which has large operation space. The container can complete the adjustment of multi gesture at one time. The device of adjusting brush plate is very simple.

8. Centralized lubrication system allows the operation of machinery lubrication components more simple, more normal, more to ensure that the machine life. The machine is simple and convenient maintenance.

9. Host using the rear-mounted cam design to replace the bottle-type simple; nose tight card using pneumatic means to increase the convenience of the host.

10. Overload protection, security, protection of the design of complete, multi-point and fault protection device to ensure that the alarm sound and light man-machine safety.

11. Biaxial screw propeller institutions bottle into the bottle so that a more stable, high-speed into the bottle so much more smoothly.

12. Specialized membrane material constant tension detection and feedback control system ensures that the general membrane materials to achieve high quality labeling.


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