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Round Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

Vertical self-adhesive labeling machine is mainly applicable for the wrap-around labeling of round cylindrical containers for medicine, commodity, foodstuff, cultural supplies, electronics industries etc.
  • TNZ-160


TNZ-160 Round Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

Machine Name : Round Bottle Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

Type : TNZ-160

The labeling machine is only suits for round bottles, control by stepping motor or servo motor to make a better labeling, use PLC programmable control, photo electricity detection label-sending. Label position and angle can adjustable, has high production efficiency,label-sticking correct and smooth , simple operation.

Main technical parameter:

Capacity ≤6000b/h
applicable bottle diameter 20-140mm
applicable bottle height 50-320mm
air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
total power 1.5Kw
net weight 600kg
dimension 2000(L)×1030(W)×2100(H)mm

Machines Details Pictures : 


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