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Flow Meter 5L-30L Drum Gallons Filling Machine

Filling System : Flow meter type 
suitable for filling different type product by different flowmeter.
Accuracy :0.5%
Suitable for :Oils kinds
Lubricant Oil / Car Oil / Motor Oil / Coolant liquid / Engine Oil /Brake Oil ...Etc kinds Products 
Edible Cooking Oil
Filling Range :0.5L-7L 
Capacity Speed :6 -12 filling nozzles can be choosen 
  • ZCJ

ZCJ-6 (2)

Machine Name : Full Automatic 5L-30L Drum Gallons Flow Meter Filling Machine

Type : ZCJ

Suitable For Filling :

Lubricant Oil / Car Oil / Motor Oil / Coolant liquid / Engine Oil /Brake Oil ...Etc kinds Products

Edible Cooking Oil

Ideal For Oils Products 

Filling Range : 4L -30L

Filling System : Flow Meter 

Accuracy : 0.5%

Capacity Speed : 4 / 6 / 8 Filling Nozzles Can Be Choosen

This type filling system is flow meter type which is the better ideal for oils filling packing

The principle of the elliptic gear flow meter is to measure the rotation of the elliptic gear by the pressure head of the measured medium.

The greater the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage from the gear and the space gap, the greater the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage error and the more favorable for the measurement.

The elliptical gear flow meter has high accuracy and is suitable for the measurement of the flow rate in the medium with high viscosity, especially for the filling of different labels and different viscosity.

Advantage of Flow Meter System:

1: Quick Adjustment : The adjustment in dosage is convenience and quick, the volume only need to be set on the touch screen directly, considered that the vegetable oil is different in density in the different temperature, resulting in the volume setting different, we have added an automatic temperature-compensated system.

2: Filling Accuracy : instead of the traditional computing type of flow meter --through pulse generator, now promoted by our company, adopting rotary encode is more accurate.

3: Filling speed : instead of the traditional power delivery -- pressure artesian flow, our machine adopting frequency converter to adjust the speed of filling, the efficiency highly raised. The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted on panel. the adjustment of filling accuracy, promoted by our company, the weight of filling can be set on the touch screen.

4: It will not affected by the season, In summer and winter the oil all can be fill easily, not restricted by the viscosity of oil products, such as gear oil can also be easily filled. The more viscous material is, the more obvious the advantage of flow meter filling method is.

5: Easy Operate : The operation interface is simple, easy to learn and maintain, low requirements for field operators, use of startup and formula adjustment and one key solution

6: No wearing parts in the production process, mechanical transmission, The cost in use is lower.

Edible Oil







Filling head





650 B/H



500 B/H




Suitable bottle

length:160-360mm width:100-300mm height:250-500mm

Filling System

Flow Meter Filling System

Barrel neck diameter


Filling error


Filling range


Air pressure

0.5-1 .0 Mpa

Power supply

220V  ;50HZ

220V  ;50HZ

Suitable To Fill :


 Specifications are subject to change without notice, All rights are reserved.

Key Features:

 Heavy duty stainless steel construction

  • Made by high quality 304 Stainless steel, it is durable.

  • 316 stainless steel product contact parts is available for optional according to product features.

 High speed & volume production

  • Quick-install connecting parts , it is easy to disassemble and clear machine.

  • Capacity to fill a variety of container types and sizes

 High accuracy fill, less product waste

 Automatic bottling index kit with bottle counter

 Individual fill head control

   Durable construction to ensure longer life of the machine

 Real time net weight monitor

 Drip pan

  • Liquid receive tray is available in case any dripping from filling nozzle.

  • Diving filling head is available for filling foamy liquid.

 User friendly PLC controls with touch screen HMI

  • Easy change over to different size bottles.

 Low maintenance & operating cost

 Designed with common parts for easy & quick replacement

  • Easy to navigate user interface

  • Modular design makes it easy to integrate with other bottling machines

 Adaptable to fit a variety of different container styles & sizes

 No bottle, No filling

Details Pictures :

Flow meter



How to choose filling machine

Output depends on fill size,viscosity of the liquid and type of container, Available with 4/6 filling head, if you are unsure how to choose, please let us know and our professional team will give you specific advice on the best filing machine to fit your requirements.

 What product to fill

 What output capacity to achieve

 What material and shape of containers

 What size to fill



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