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Bottle Sorting Unscramble Machine

bottle uncramble for plastic bottles sorting 
for different sizes and shapes can share on it 
  • LP-200


Round Bottles Unscrambler

Machine Name : Bottle Sorting Unscramble Machine

Type : LP-200

Machine Description :

LP-200 Automatic Bottle Unscramble is making up of bottle elevator , round plate, bottle-reject, bottle-arranging parts and the electrical cabinet . Put disordered bottles to the bottle elevator, through round plate, conveying belts, bottle arranging parts , then bottles can stand on the belts. This machine is characterized by the compact structure, simple operation principle, mature technique and stable movement.

The Automatic Bottle Unscramble is used for sorting and feeding bottles for the filling line automatically. It is making up of bottle elevator, bottle sorting bowl, bottle unscrambling device, and the electrical cabinet .


Detail Pictures :

Inside Part of Round Bottles Unscramblerbottle feeding machine

bottle feeding machine

Suitable for Bottles:

bottle feeding machine

bottle sorting machine

ZT-PACK high-quality bottle unscramble


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