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8000BPH 100ml-1000ml Automatic Edible Oil Rotary Monoblock Filling Capping Machine

Suitable For Oils Filling with High Accuracy 0.2%. Have Different System Can Be Choosen: Flow Meter / Net Weight / Piston
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Machine Name :  8000BPH 100ml-1000ml Automatic Edible Oil Rotary Monoblock Filling Capping Machine


Suitable For Filling: Edible Oil / Cookie Oil / Sunflower Oil / Olive Oil / Peanut Oil / Rapeseed Oil /Soybean Oil ...Etc kinds Products

Filling Range : 100ml -1000ml 

Product description:

This is our traditional 2 in 1 machine, apply to 100~1000ml round and irregular bottles. The advantage of this machine is compact design, easy operation, simple maintenace, accessories have long service life. Working stable and high accuracy, the outer frame are all high quality stainless steel, meet GMP standard.

With 32 filling nozzles +8 capping heads

1、 Rotary piston filling and capping machine is new-generation quantitative filler.

2、This machine is suitable for foodstuff, medicinal, cosmetic, chemical industry and pesticide industry.

3、Filling part controlled by PLC and touch screen, adopt piston to filling.

4、Capping part with inlet bottle, sorting cap, feeder cap, capping and outlet bottle.

5 .Dispatch cap in high speed. Bottle and cap synchronous operation. With supermatic productivity and high automation, the rotary piston machine is new-generation quantitative filler.

This machine is an integration of mechanics and electrics. It is automatically controlled by PLC and touch screen controlled panel. It is an ideal model which integrates mechanical, electrical, light and gas.

Containers and Specifications  (50mL-1000mL)



Filling Type


Capping Type

Pick and Place

Filling head


Capping head


Suitable bottle




Packaging specification


Production capacity


Filling error

50-200m<±1ml , 200ml -1000ml < ±2ml

Power supply


Dimension (L*W*H)


Main machine power


Air consumption

0.4-0.65MPa clean and stable compressed air

Suitable for Fill :


Details for Filling Machine :

细节3细节2细节1 细节1 细节2

Special oil filling machine piston cylinder

As shown in the pictures new cylinder liner in the piston bottom will be much more fexible than the unable disassembled and washed traditional cylinder, you can see touch screen and separate piston and cylinder liner, in order to easier cleaning for residual materials, easy choose different mode for different material or color.

Commonly used oil filling valve

1.widely used in filling machinery,especially suitable for filling viscous material.

2.Fast filling speed, prevision and stability

3.Delicate and small,esay for arrangement of pipe arrangement

4.special seal design at the bottom of the filling nozzle, filling without dripping

5.chamfering structure on the bottom of filling head, with orientation effect and submersible filling

Key Features :

 Heavy-duty stainless steel constructed

 Stainless steel Reservoir

 Automatic Bottling Index kit with bottle counter

 Pneumatic indexing gates (count in, count out)

 Automatic product level sensing float system

 Easily adjustable nozzle height settings accommodate vials to gallons

 User friendly PLC controls with touch screen HMI

 No bottle/No fill sensor

 Bottle backup sensor (downstream) delays operation until jam is cleared

 Able to output multiple doses per container for large containers

 Easy clean stainless steel quick connect fittings

 Drip Tray

 Diving heads nozzles for bottom up filling to reduce foam

 Neck grabbers for containers with small opening

 Specifications are subject to change without notice, All rights are reserved.

How to choose automatic piston filling machine is big challenge for customers, If your are unsure how to choose a piston filling machine,Please let me know

 What product to fill

 What output capacity to achieve

 What material and shape of containers

 What size of containers to fill

Our professional team will help you to choose

So please contact us for specific advice on the best solution for you now.



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