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Rotary Screw Type Capping Machine --Bottle neck take cap system

Fully Automatically Rotary Capping Machine
Bottle neck take cap system 
4/6/8 nozzles can be choosen according to bottle diameter 
speed : 1000-6000BPH
  • FX-8


Machine Name : Rotary Screw Type Capping Machine --Bottle neck take cap system

Type : FX-8

Machine Description :

This machine combines bottle-in, cap-sorter, cap-elevator, capping and bottle-out altogether in one.

The rotary structure , catching the lid in the certain position, stable and reliable.

It does no harm to bottle and lid .

High capping efficiency, high qualified rate of capping, and wide application  which enjoys good competitiveness that can be compared with foreign products.

It is applicable to varies size of glass and plastic bottles and caps. Its operation principle is by means of the scratching plate to cap the the lid when the bottle rotaryed.

The whole machine is controlled by the PLC, touch screen interface and convenient operation.

This machine has eight mechanical hands ,dispatches caps in high speed with no inverse cap ,which can be used in various configurations containers ,irregular containers .

It can be divided into scrape capping and grasp capping according to different caps . Supply cap machine and mechanical hands working with synch .

When cap tighten finished , bottle and cap relatively stop . Clutch separate , bottles and cap are not injured .

The each lid-revolving head has a clutch to ensure the tightened lid not to damage.

It suits for the all kinds of cylinder-shaped bottle’s lid-revolving for the industry such as foodstuff, pharmacy, daily chemicals, pesticide and chemical industry.

Main performance patameter:

Applicable bottle :Φ40-150mm,Height 80-280mm
2.Cap Specification:Φ15-50mm  Cap height: 15-35mm
3.Capping Head:4/6/8
4.Cpacity:≤6000 bottles/hour
5.Capping qualified rate : ≥99%
6.Air Pressure : 0.6~0.8MPA
7.Power Source:~380V、50HZ
8. Power:3KW
9.External Dimension:2200×1360×2400(L×W×H)mm
10.Weight:about 1600Kg

Details Pictures :


Key Features:

Carbon steel base mounted on adjustable floor levellers for easy alignment

Bearing frame and all surface components manufactured in 304 stainless steel

Magnetic clutch capping heads for screw caps complete with pick & place cap system

Caps in chute photocell, machine will not work if there are no caps present on chute

Automatic cap feeder, chute and applicating head

Electrical socket for optional elevator feed

Safety guarding with interlock devices

Cap change parts complete set to run a different size cap(option)

Cap elevator to load the cap feeder automatically(option)



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