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Full Automatic 20L Drum Jerry Can Filling Line With Palletilizer

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Full Automatic 20L Drum Jerry Can Filling Line With Palletilizer

Automatic 20L Drum Filling Machine Packing Line 

with Palletilizer 

project in Domestic China Customer Factory 

Product : Chemical

Drum palletilizer

This line is suitable for automatic packaging of 5-30L chemical, edible oil, lubricating oil, pesticide and other liquids. Automatically complete filling, capping, labeling, QR code, unpacking and packing

, Sealing, palletizing, equipped with an integrated environmental protection cover. It complies with the standards of safety, environmental protection and intelligence, and the production process is automatically coordinated, stable and efficient.


Suitable for fill : 

Lubricant Oils :  Lubricant Oil / Car Oil / Motor Oil / coolant liquid / Engine oil / Lubricanting Oil kinds Products

Edible oil  : (Cooking Oil , sunflower oil , peanut oil , seasame oil ..., etc.);

Chemicals : 

Pesticide , fertilizer ,suspending agents, liquids, emulsifiable concentrates and water-soluble fertilizers, Acaricide,Fungicide,herbicide, EC ,SC , SL etc.);

Filling Range : 4L-30L

Filling System can be choosen : Net Weight / Flow Meter

Accuracy : 0.1 % ( Net weight system )

                  0.5% ( Flow Meter system)


Speed can be choosen : from 200BPH-600BPH (basic on 20L )

Machines included (can be choosen):  Filling Machine--Capping Machine -- Induction sealing machine -- Aluminum Foil detector and rejector --Labeling Machine --Date Printer -- Palletilizer

ZCJ-6 Linear Intelligent Weighing Filling Machine

Filling container: 5-30L

Measurement accuracy: ±0.1%

Applicable barrel size: minimum 140X220X320mm

Maximum 260X290X400mm

Dimensions: 3106X2390X2600 (LXWXH)

FX-1 Linear Automatic Single Head Capping Machine


Door limit alarm protection, the height of the cover unscrambler is lowered, and the operation of personnel is safer. The whole machine has an environmental protection cover and an integrated table top, which is convenient for washing. The qualified rate of screw cap is higher.

Technical Parameters:

Capacity: ≤700 barrels/hour

Pass rate: ≥99.9%

Applicable bottle shape: bottle width ≤ 350mm, bottle height 300-500mm.

Bottle cap specification: Φ35-75mm Power supply: AC380V, 50Hz

Air source: 0.6-0.8 MPa

Power: 2.5 kW

TNZ-120 Linear double-sided self-adhesive labeling machine

Labeling accuracy: ±2mm

Applicable bottle type: minimum 200X140X320mm

Maximum 290X260X400mm

Label size: ≤190mm

Label length: ≤300mm

Robotic palletizing unit

Bearing capacity: 110KG (including grabs)

Grabbing speed: 6-8 seconds/time

Installation requirements: concrete thickness ≥ 200mm

5-30L Drum line (2)


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