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China International Beauty Exhibition 2023 , see you in 2024 !

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China International Beauty Exhibition 2023 , see you in 2024 !

International Personal Care Exhibition 2023

March 9-11th

China International Beauty Exhibition(CIBE)

March 10-12th

Location : Guangzhou China

See you in 2024 !

From : ZT-PACK

ZT-PACK : Manufacturing factory for packing machines in China

Packing lines :
Bottle Unscramble - Filling - Capping - Induction Sealing - Labeling - Date Printer - Carton Packaging - Palletilizer

Fully automatic linear packaging line
Fully automatic packaging of daily chemical, food, chemical, pesticide, oil and other liquids. Automatically complete bottle unscrambling, filling, capping, labeling, QR code, unpacking, packing, sealing, and palletizing, equipped with an integrated environmental protection cover. It complies with the standards of safety, environmental protection and intelligence, and the production process is automatically coordinated, stable and efficient.

Main configuration:

Intelligent bottle unscrambler, intelligent filling and capping all-in-one machine, online weighing and rejecting device, aluminum foil sealing machine, inkjet printer, two-dimensional code traceability system, high-speed unpacking machine, partition machine, intelligent packing machine, online inspection Heavy rejecting machine, intelligent stacking machine, robot palletizing machine.


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